R Studio Server - Same login, different people, one succeeds and one hangs

Hi there,

I'm currently running an instance of Rstudio server from an EC2. It is fitting a model that takes a while, but so far I've been able to log out and log back in to check on the progress.

Should there be anything preventing a different person from logging into the same session with the same credentials I was using, after I've logged out of course?

We tried doing this (me logging out and them logging in) and after successfully logging-in they got the spinning loading circle and multiple prompts of "would you like to wait for this process to respond" but weren't able to get back to the GUI. However, when I tried to log in again I was taken back to the GUI with the process still running.

Is this a use case that we should expect to be supported? Or are there any obvious things we might attempt?


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