R studio putting all the observations in one column for a .csv file

I am trying to read a file using read.csv from a github file.

It is reading the file but it is putting all the observations into one column whereas the same file has 489 observations and 4 columns.

Example of the code :

url<- "https://github.com~/housing.csv"

download.file(url, destfile = "bh")

d1<-read.csv("bh", header=TRUE,sep=",",quote =""",dec = ".", fill = TRUE,comment.char = "")

[1] 606 1

When I read this very same file from my local hard drive - it gives me the correct answer. so why is it coming differently ?

The data set actually has 489 variables and 4 columns

I am submitting a project , so I need to read the file from the github itself.

Please help

Getting one column is usually a sign that the separator is not set correctly. If you look at the csv file with a text editor, can you confirm that the fields are separated by commas?

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