R Studio not running Rcmdr

Hi everyone,

I'm a new user to R Studio. I've analyzed two projects with R Commander and have enjoyed its interface. Suddenly library(Rcmdr) will no longer load fully. Specifically:

> library(Rcmdr)
Loading required package: splines
Loading required package: RcmdrMisc
Loading required package: car
Loading required package: sandwich

Attaching package: ‘RcmdrMisc’

The following object is masked from ‘package:Hmisc’:


Loading required package: effects
Loading required package: carData

Attaching package: ‘carData’

The following objects are masked from ‘package:car’:

    Guyer, UN, Vocab

Use the command
  to customize lattice options for effects plots.
See ?efffectTheme for details.

...and it never finishes loading. Does anyone know what might be going on? I have updated all packages and even re-installed the program.

Thank you and happy "R"-ing!

Is this working in R, but not in RStudio. If not, it's not really a problem with the IDE. So, please change the category accordingly (perhaps belongs in "general").

Thanks - actually XQuartz had somehow been deleted from my hard drive. I had to go into the framework files and manually root around, but once identified, a simple re-installation of XQuartz solved the issue. Rcmdr working perfectly again!

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Hi everyone,

I have a similar issue. Installing Rcmdr works fine, but when I try to open Rcmdr from R Studio, R Studio gets stuck upon loading the effectsTheme component (starts to load but never finishes:

Lade nötiges Paket: splines
Lade nötiges Paket: RcmdrMisc
Lade nötiges Paket: car
Lade nötiges Paket: carData
Lade nötiges Paket: sandwich
Lade nötiges Paket: effects
lattice theme set by effectsTheme()
See ?effectsTheme for details.

I have had the same issue on different computers. I also installed some other packages, hoping this would resolve the effectsTheme issue, but it did not work.
Installing Rcmdr from R (instead of R Studio) works better. I receive some warnings that several components cannot be downloaded, but the Rcmdr-Window opens and I can start to use the R-Commander.

Is someone aware of potential causes for the error? I am afraid there is something quite obvious, which just overlooked (installing a plugin or something like this). I'd appreciate any hint. Thanks in davance

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