R Studio not running in Windows 10 Pro

Hello I have just installed R Studio Free desktop software. I am using windows 10 Pro OS. The system giving me error "This app ca't run on your PC. To find a version for your PC, check with the software publisher"

Kindly guide...

Hi @wizard,
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Did you download the installer for the RStudio IDE desktop software from this site?

Try running the installer without changing any of the defaults.
Is your computer "managed" by your organisation - are there any restrictions on what can be installed or run? Could your security software (antivirus etc.) be blocking this software?

Thanks for the response.

Yes I had downloaded the same exe. I did it again using the link shared by you. Yet getting the same error.

Do you have a 32 bit installation of Windows? If that is the case then sadly the latest RStudio versions are only available for 64 bit systems

Yes Mine is 32 bit OS. Thank you for the help. Will I be able to use R without R Studio ? Thanks in advance !!

  1. Yes you can use R without RStudio. However, RStudio is the most comfortable IDE to use R, in my opinion.
  2. There are older RStudio Versions which are compatible with 32-Bit Older Versions of RStudio - RStudio

For alternatives see for example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R_(programming_language)#Interfaces

Hey I have installed the older version using the link. Thanks a lot !!!

Thanks a ton. I cud install an older version that is compatible with my OS. Thank you...

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