R studio not recognizing my data columns as variables

When I import my data everything is fine until I attempt to run ggplot and define my x and y variables. R is not recognizing any of my data. I made sure it wasn't just my dataset by attempting to do the same thing with the built-in car data. I am still getting the same issue. I have deleted and reinstalled R and I'm still getting the same results. I'm not receiving an error it just does do anything.

The data you show in your post look just as expected. What is the problem? Is ggplot giving an error?

ggplot was not giving me an error it just would not recognize any of the columns from my dataset when I tried to type in the code. It just randomly started working I don't know what I did to fix it.

Can you supply the ggplot code and if possible some sample data?

I think we need a reproducible example, with the cars dataset and your ggplot code.

Presumably there is no problem and nothing to do.

For the sake of others, I Internet the complaint to have been a lack of Rstudio text completion based on variable detection.

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