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I have tried knitting my document from rstudiocloud so many times, execution halts. Then it says unicode..... but I have just written words outside of the grey console.. my graphs work fine. Then it says latex cannot compile, out of memory.. I need to submit this tmrw night and I dont know what to do about this. I have tried changing to xalatex, I read through all posts but no solution works. Thanks

Please can you provide a reproducible example of your issue ? we don't have enough information to give good answer. We can just guess what happens.

At least, the complete error message can be useful to know what happened. With Rmd it could come from your document's R code, from pandoc conversion to tex or from tex conversion by latex to pdf. Not easy to know without more information.

Some resources to help provide the useful information

(FAQ: What's a reproducible example (`reprex`) and how do I do one?)

(FAQ: How to format your code)

(FAQ: Tips for writing R-related questions)

Looks like you have a character in your document that is not compatible with the inputenc LaTeX package. You may need to change the encoding if you are using non-English characters in your document.

Check out the package and package documentation here

No but I have pure english characters, now how do I figure where is the error and to fix that. I have an english Canada keyboard . Kindly help.

Start with simple document and build back up.

When I run into problems with knitting documents, I go back to the simplest hello word document and start adding things back in until it breaks. So start with the simplest document then start adding back in sections until you run into your error. This can tell you what's causing the problem.

Copy-paste instead of screen shots.

I can't actually read anything in the image you posted. Copy pasting into a post is going to be more useful. There's some formatting buttons in the edtior for posts. I recommend using the "preformatted text" for pasted error messages, output, and code. The button is an icon representation of</>

I'm sorry I'm actually outside and I dont have access to my codes, I only have these screenshots unfortunately, if you could help out. Thanks

My knitting works for pdf but with only word and no graphic, because it shows this:

Pictures aren't readable for me. Have you tried starting with the simplest possible rmd file?

title: "Sample Document"
output: pdf_document
# Hello World
Hi there!

Does that knit to pdf for you?
Does adding an additional paragraph or line from the rmd document that is causing you problems still work? Does adding two paragraphs work? three? etc... What specifically causes your document to fail?

I will try that, but it says unicode latex for the graphs... are there amounts u can write on the white part, like the limit or any symbol not to be used?

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