R studio markdown - View() issue

Hi all,

As a newbie of this amazing software I have run to a few issues.

So I am running this code which is correct and I can preview it perfectly fine when I hit it on the console.

AppQE_TS_project_01 = read_excel("AppQE_TS_project_01.xlsx", sheet = "Data_for_R")   




However, when I try to knit it to html the ''R markdown'' tag next to the console is stuck at 80%. I have tried removing the last code --> View(AppQE_TS_project_01) and everything is fine. It normally gets knitted to html and I can view it.

For reference, I am using R studio's latest version on Mac OS version 11.2.1

Can anyone help me?


The View() command opens the data frame on the viewer pane so it is not going to work on a knitted Rmd file and it is also unnecessary for non interactive code so you should remove it.

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