R studio installation requires non root user with sudo rights?

We have to install Tibco application and in one of the Linux server we are going to install R studio and R connector.

Can you please confirm us that do we need a dedicated non root user with sudo rights to install R studio ?

I was checking some steps online and it seems after installation GUI (running on port 8787) is accessed using installation user, if we do it using root user, we cannot access the GUI as we don’t have root user password.

It seems a non-root user with sudo rights is mandatory, Can you please confirm us

Please refer :

For installing R and RStudio Server you will need root or sudo privileges. After that, RStudio Server will be started with root rights via your init system, e.g. systemd. You do not need root or sudo privileges to use RStudio Server, though. Any user that can authenticate on the Linux server should be fine.

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