R studio Import isnt working (library Rio)

so i recently change my notebook and i installed R and Rstudio , im using the same version that i was using on my previus notebook but now when i try to import the same files i was using previusly i get this error and i cant understand whats going on
im using "import(file.choose())" from the libary rio , is the import i been using since i been using Rstudio

the error im getting

RStudio 25-10-2021 16_56_01

I am not too familiar with the rio package or rio::import. file.choose() should open a dialog box where you can select your file, but import seems to throw an error before it can get to that.

Any reason not to load your file via code? For example, reading an csv via read.csv or the readr package?

honestly the rio package was the first thing i learned how to use and is very useful because i can open any kind of file like "Txt", "Csv" etc ,with the readr package there is something similar like file.choose ?

For ad-hoc file loading, I follow the workflow outlined in the docs below. And the "Code Preview" is nice, it's the code that the IDE is running to load your data. So once you got it working exactly how you'd like it, if you wanted to automate loading into a script or R Markdown doc, you could just recycle the chunk in Code Preview.

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