R Studio IDE has stopped working

Dear all,
R Studio has stopped working on my machine for mysterious reasons. When I first start it up, I'm able to clear the environment. I can do simple calculations in the console. I'm able to use the dropdown menu to do things like run a diagnostic report or change options. But if I then try to execute code in the script or console, it never completes anything. Even something as simple as set.seed.

I don't get the stop sign, it just never gets to a new > in the console. I'm then unable to restart R or quit without going to task manager and forcing it to quit.

If I work with R directly, everything seems fine. I loaded the mtcars data set and ran a regression with no issues.

Running as administrator makes no difference. R Studio and R are both up to date. I have a diagnostic report but nothing jumps out at me and I don't know what I'd be looking for anway.

Any ideas?

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