R Studio Gets Stuck While Knitting

Hey everyone,

Another newbie question I'm looking for help on. I'm finally complete my project for a course I'm taking, but I'm finding the markdown file doesn't knit (and doesn't come up with an error). It gets to 73% and just stops at a chunk that includes this line:

model.BAS2 <- bas.lm(log(price) ~  log(area)+Neighborhood+age+Overall.Qual+Has.Garage+Sale.Type, prior="BIC", modelprior=uniform(), method="MCMC", MCMC.iterations=1000000, data=first.model)

I figured it might be a ram problem, so reduced the iteractions to 10k - but it still gets stuck. I've cleared out all the previous environments and I've tried waiting for 30+ minutes...but nothing.

Does anyone have any ideas here? Any help would be warmly appreciated.

Does it run outside of RMarkdown? You're asking it to do quite a bit of work, so it very well may just be working still or have exhausted your resources (though that usually causes it to error out).

Running outside of RMarkdown may be more useful, as many resource-intensive models have helpful logging so you can see what progress has been made. Running them in the course of knitting is likely to hide that, so you can't really see what's going on.

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