R studio extremely slow, making it impossible to work - please help

Hello all,

I started a new remote job that requires me to use R, but the Rstudio is extremely slow. It has been two weeks and I want to get this sorted before my boss gets frustrated. I am not very well versed in R but can carry out basic analyses. Whenever I run a chunk in Rmarkdown it takes like 30 minutes to run. The projects are on a shared network drive, but my colleagues are not facing the same difficulty, and their run time is much much faster than mine.

[1] "C:/Users/kbanipal/Microsoft" "C:/Program Files/R/R-4.0.4/library"

[1] "Z:/Projects/Infectious Disease/2019 Novel Coronavirus (January 2020)/wec_cases/New Case Report"

sysname release version nodename machine login user
"Windows" "10 x64" "build 19042" "M0076" "x86-64" "kbanipal" "kbanipal"

I will greatly appreciate any help. Many thanks

So I work with that same setup. I don't have any speed issues. R studio is a pain with remote drives.

I'd be wondering how your Z drive might be different from your peers

Plus checking processor and memory on the PC with peers.

You say you are working a remote job. So are the others remote? And how do their VPNs etc work

Thank you for your quick response. I checked with them and their computers came preloaded with exactly the same stuff and they have exact same laptops. Pardon my ignorance, but I believe my setup is different. When I told my peer to ran .libPaths(), her got
[1] "C:/Users/username/Microsoft"

whereas I get [1] "C:/Users/kbanipal/Microsoft" "C:/Program Files/R/R-4.0.4/library" but that is just where R is installed. Also, should I set my default working directory to C drive? I have been trying to figure it out for two weeks to no avail. Attached is the picture, it has been doing this since last 10 minutes.

Seems a sensible starting point. If you are doing file operations and the Z: isn't locally being (?) Cached I wonder if that's your speed issue.

I'd say create a new Rmd file in a new project on C: which should make the WD be C: then use

To benchmark some simple stuff. Then add a few tasks from the problem Rmd. Then copy it to Z: and compare times. Ask your peers to repeat.

Is there a git repo in the Z drive or anything?

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