R-Studio doesn't recognise datadet

Here is my automatic setwd

library(rstudioapi) # for automatic setwd()

df<- read.csv("ESS10_Dataset.csv.csv")

When I try and use the dataframe function R-Studio claims that the ESS10 Datatset does not exist even though I've used it to show me the data on r-studio can anyone help me fix this please??

data.frame( table(ESS10_Dataset.csv.csv$trstprl) )
I get the error message : that the object(the dataset can't be found)

If the line

df<- read.csv("ESS10_Dataset.csv.csv")

runs without an error, then the data from the csv file will be stored in the data frame df. The next line should be

data.frame( table(df$trstprl) )

thank you so much for the help

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