R Studio continuously encounters fatal error when trying to open an R Script.

Hello friends!

Out of the blue I began experiencing an error where opening any .R file at all causes R studio to encounter an error. "R session aborted. Session was terminated" with the bomb icon. At first it seemed to be only specific scripts that would crash R. Less than an hour after the first occurrence the IDE crashes within seconds of opening.

I've been using R on my M1 mac for quite some time so I don't believe it could be related to that. I've even tried opening super basic scripts with no packages and still receive the error. I reinstalled/updated R studio from 1.3x to the new 1.4 version to no success as well as reinstalled R to no success. The scripts all open fine in R Gui and Xcode as well. Any thoughts R Studio community? Thank you all for your time.


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