R Studio Connect or Shiny Server PRO AD Group-level authentication

Our team has started using R Studio Connect -- and our R users really love how simple it is to publish content and grant access to a list of users.

In our organization, we use custom-made AD groups to manage global access to other business intelligence applications (e.g., instead of adding 13 users to a BI dashboard, we add 1 AD Group). Does R Studio Connect have a similar ability to use AD groups to manage access?

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Absolutely! If you setup Connect with LDAP/AD using double bind, you'll be able to set ACLs using AD groups. See: http://docs.rstudio.com/connect/admin/authentication.html#authentication-ldap


Oh I see. We are using a double bind -- might it be because the UserObjectClass is set to "person" and not "group." If so, is there a way to allow both users and groups in the AD configuration? I think I'm missing something pretty basic..

(example from our config):

UsernameAttribute = sAMAccountName
UserObjectClass = person
UserEmailAttribute = mail
UserFirstNameAttribute = givenName
UserLastNameAttribute = sn
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There are Group equivalents you'll want to add, documented in the admin guide; e.g. GroupObjectClass. You can also email support@rstudio.com and they'll help you get across the line.


Thanks for all your help -- will reach out if I can't get there myself :slight_smile:

@slopp Just wanted you to know that I got it! Just had to add 3 group entries in the config. Thanks again :rocket:

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