R Studio Connect--email yourself an asset

So I successfully downloaded and installed R Studio Connect to my local PC in hopes to demonstrate what data looks like through a shiny app visualization tool. Is there a way for me to share an asset through the trial version of the tool or at least email it to my self so I can share with someone else?

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Hi @Marlene !! Is this the RStudio QuickStart that you are using perchance?

If so, unfortunately the QuickStart is not preconfigured to send emails externally to or receive access from external systems. We designed the QuickStart for mostly localized demos, and so the ideal experience would probably be to show demos on your laptop, etc.

That said, RStudio Connect does usually allow the features that you describe: sharing Shiny applications and sending customized emails (from R Markdown). In order to do so, Connect needs to be installed in a location (usually your data center) that is accessible to others and connected to infrastructure (e.g. your company's SMTP server).

Our recommended approach would be:

  • use the RStudio QuickStart locally and demonstrate the functionality to others through your computer either in person, screen casts, or via web conferencing software (Zoom, Go To Meeting, etc.)
  • if a Proof-of-Concept server would be feasible, talk about this with your IT team. This will usually allow the sharing features that you are requesting, and can be done through the 45 day free trial. A successful proof-of-concept normally does require IT involvement
  • feel free to contact our team at sales@rstudio.com if it would be helpful to ask questions or see a demo of the product

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