R studio comes up but hangs

R studio has been working fine for me since August. Today it comes up and everything displays but if I click on anything nothing works. I have to use end task to close it and none of the menus work either. I have uninstalled and re-installed R-studio and R several times. I have tried installing R -studio RStudio-2021.09.0+351 and RStudio-2021.09.1-372.exe but it doesn't matter same thing happens. IT starts and my RMD file comes up and it says I need to install my packages but when you try to click on it nothing happens. When I bring up the task manager to end it and expand R studio I see console Window Host crashpad_handler.exe - twice then Qt_Qtwbenginexpressprocess RStudio RStudio R_session.

I have the same error. Rstudio doesn't run anything. I have already done everything. I uninstalled the program, quit session, install the new version of R and Rstudio. And nothing solution my problem.

OS? I keep hearing about Windows 10 being a bit over protective.

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