R-Studio column import and viewer incomplete (only first 50 columns)

Dear community,

recently a new error came up for me, eventhough it worked perfectly fine before. Maybe some of you had the same problem and can help with it. A picture of it is attached.

I have a huge dataset (600,000 rows and 139 columns). It is not possible anymore to load more than 50 columns ("50 total columns"), even though the dataset has more variables/columns, which is double-checked with different codes. If I manually type in to show me columns "51-100", they don't exist. It looks as if R-Studio cut them off or did not import more columns than it can show. I am not speaking about the preview, which was always limited to 50 columns per page. I am speaking about the proper import of the data.

I reinstalled R and RStudio. Moreover, I re-downloaded the data frames. Both on theree computers (2x Windows, 2x Mac). It is still the same error.

Interestingly, everything works normal with Visual Studio Code as IDE, so it can't be an issue of R but of R-Studio.

I hope someone can help me with this, since I need R for an important research project in my dissertation.


I've just encountered a similar issue as OP. I have a 64 column data set but cannot use the right arrow to view the additional columns. It only occurred after upgrading to the latest version of RStudio. I was using an older version (cannot recall which version specifically from 2022) and it worked fine then.

On a Windows machine using:

RStudio 2023.06.0+421 "Mountain Hydrangea" Release (583b465ecc45e60ee9de085148cd2f9741cc5214, 2023-06-05) for windows
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) RStudio/2023.06.0+421 Chrome/110.0.5481.208 Electron/23.3.0 Safari/537.36; R version 4.2.1

This appears to be a bug, being tracked here, RStudio Dataframe Column Navigation Limited to 50 Columns after Updating · Issue #13220 · rstudio/rstudio · GitHub

The dev team is aware of the issue and l hope it’s resolved in the next RStudio update.

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I have exactly the same problem.

I have the same problem

Just because View() will not show more than 50 columns does not mean that only 50 variables were imported, which is your major concern.
What does dplyr::glimpse(dat1) show?
Also, try dat1 |> dplyr::select(51:100) |> View().

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