R studio can't find object

Hi, I have a dataset in excel. I copied and pasted it into edit pad and then saved and loaded it into R ( import from text base). Now Im trying to run an ordinal regression with the function polr, but rstudio doesn't recognize the object in the dataset:

Any idea how to get it right?

From your screenshot, You did not import correctly the file. The column names are currently V1, ... V10 and not the one you expect (Participant, ... Q5).
You need to import your file using the correct function with the option header from first line activated. You can use the import Dataset button in RStudio IDE to help you.
You can read from Excel file or from text file as needed.

Also, please follow the guideline in the future for your questions and provide a reprex. Thanks.

Your column headers have been read in as the first row of data. The column names are currently V1, V2, etc.

It would be best for you to load the data programmatically, rather than manually, so you can easily control this.

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