R Stepwise Regression Error

Hi. i am trying to run a stepwise regression in R. My code are as follow:



model3<-ols_step_both_p(model1, pent=0.25, prem=0.05)

However, in the console section, I always get this:

model3<-ols_step_both_p(model1, pent=0.25, prem=0.05)

Error in model.frame.default(formula = paste(response, "~", paste(predictors, :

'data' must be a data.frame, environment, or list

Help please!

I noticed that you have set pent to be greater than prem but shouldn't pent to be less than prem?

pent    p value; variables with p value less than pent will enter into the model.
prem    p value; variables with p more than prem will be removed from the model.

I rechecked the given data. pent is really 0.25 and prem is 0.05 :frowning:


I dont know where I am wrong.

Can you post the output of


If that is very large, due to a large data set, can you run lm() on a subset of your data and post the result of running dput() on the that model1? Put a line with three back ticks just before and just after the dput() output, like this
dput() output here

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