R stats function for a case study


I am investigating a case study for a small data of 30 observations. I was wondering if there are libraries in R that I could use to analyze the data? I am looking to find the distribution of the data, and run probability tests to come up with insights from the data. Many thanks in advance

Based on your question, I recommend heading over to https://r4ds.had.co.nz/ and start from page 1. There is a learning curve you need to climb to begin answering your question.


Hi @user124578,

You probably may not even need any additional packages (libraries) to do that. R includes out of the box a whole bunch of statistical tests and tools to study the distribution of your data. What R (or the community here) cannot do though is guess what should be done on your data. So, if you tell us exactly what you want to do (the name of the test and so forth), we could point you in the right direction, but if you have no idea, you need to learn a little of both R and statistics first.

The book suggested by @Leon is great. For small data problem with a focus on statistics, I would also recommend the R book by M. Crawley that teaches both statistics and R at the same time.


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I agree with both the replies. R community is amazing with a ton of useful resources to learn. A while ago I collated a number of free resources available. Could be a useful place to start learning. https://cmdlinetips.com/2018/01/free-online-resources-books-to-learn-r-and-data-science/

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