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I have a Shiny App that works fine on my local machine. When I push to the public server, I get an error. The log says this: NotImplemented: Support for codec 'snappy' not built

Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!

I wonder what you refer to as the public server - is this shinyapps.io ?

If that is the case, we need to file a pull request to add the operating system packages (snappy) to the build at shinyapps.io. Happy to facilitate that for you.

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I apologize! Yes, I'm referring to shinyapps.io.

No problem - I have raised a pull request now to add the prerequisites for arrow to have snappy compression enabled. This got approved and merged last night.

It will now take a few more days (up to a week) until the changes are becoming "live" on shinyapps.io - will let you know again when that is.


Hello! Any update? :smiley:

My apologies - things have obviously moved since and you now can use the arrow package with arrow and snappy compression enabled.

An example with further instructions you can find under GitHub - michaelmayer2/arrow-shinyapps.io: Example on how to get the latest arrow version onto shinyapps.io and the corresponding shiny app is deployed at https://bloody-scientist.shinyapps.io/arrow-shinyapps/.

Let me know how you get on with this.