R shiny: Plot the margin of error vs sample size. No plot at the end, help.

#create an app that plots the sample size agaist margin of error given sample size and standard deviation
#define UI
ui <- fluidPage(
  h1("Central Limit Theorem - CLT"), #heading
  titlePanel("Margin of error"), #add the label as an argument
    sidebarPanel("Input your standard deviation",
                 numericInput(inputId = "stanDev", label = "standard deviation", value = 10),
                 numericInput(inputId = "smpl", "sample size", value = 16),
    mainPanel("Sample size against Margin of error!", 
server <- function(input, output) {
  calc_sem<-(1.96 * input$stanDev/sqrt(input$smpl))
  population <- ceiling(runif(2700, 150, 250)) #model the population using 2700 uniformly drawn integers(assumption we can use any)
  sample_sem<- for (i in 1:input$smpl) {  #Calculate SEM for samples ranging in size from 1 to smpl entered
    samp[[i]]<-sample(population, i)
    #creating a DF and adding a col for the sample size
 # code for the plot
 output$plot <-renderPlot({
   plot(sample_sem,aes(x = size, y = sem))+geom_line()+xlab("Sample Size")+ylab("Standard Error of the Mean")
#run the app
shinyApp(ui, server)

I recommend that you study the basics of shiny reactivity from
Chapter 3 Basic reactivity | Mastering Shiny (mastering-shiny.org)
in particular focus on section 3.3.4 Reactive expressions

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