R Shiny on Remote Desktop (Windows Server 2019)

I would like to write and run Shiny apps using Remote Desktop on Windows Server 2019. This is normally possible without any issues - you can test it on VM remote server (as I did). However in my real world case running shiny app:


where open_port is open port number, results in

Listening on

and blank page:

enter image description here

As far as I can recognise running app does not result in having port open and listening i.e. I have checked in cmd using:

netstat -na | find "open_port"

that there is no activity on the port. Therefore it seems that something is blocking shiny from running the app. As mentioned before this is not a case if you try do in on clean Windows Server 2019 installation. Any help would be greatly appriciated.

This question was also asked on stackoverflow and even has a bounty of 100 rep. R Shiny on Remote Desktop (Windows Server 2019) - Stack Overflow

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