R Shiny on Centos 07 : cannot run well

Hi All,

I have a problem when I installed R Shiny Server on Centos 07.
When I run the basic code R Shiny in Centos, it seems doesn't show a complete graph and sidebar panel. Here the picture below is the example what I have run:

When I run localhost, it seems we have a fully complete Graph and Sidebar panel. I don't know what happened to Centos 07, but when I run on linux it seems working as well.

Hi @idhamhabibie, are you trying to run shiny server pro or shiny server open source? Also, what version of shiny server are you using?

Hi @cpsievert, Thanks for your reply.
Yes I am currently using Shiny Server Open Cource, I deployed in CentOS 7.
I used R Shiny Server 1.3.2 version. Is there any problem when we deploy in CentOs 7?

I'm not sure, but just out of curiosity, are you willing/able to download and install the current release?

$ wget https://download3.rstudio.org/centos6.3/x86_64/shiny-server-
$ sudo yum install --nogpgcheck shiny-server-

Noted sir, I will try.

Hi @cpsievert,

Thanks a lot for your support. I am currently able to work on CentOS 7 now, I think it is caused by the Shiny-Server versions.

Thank you once again.

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