R shiny: Input-element color change overnight. Anyone else?

I am on a windows machine and haven´t altered the CSS for any of the standard shiny input elements. Yesterday the radioButtons and checkBoxInputs of my app appeared with a grey background and dark tickmarks.
As of today they are all blue with white tickmarks which nags me a little bit as the general color palette of my app uses a similar blue tone already. I´m sure I will be able to change it back with a little CSS magic but I was just wondering if anyone else experienced the same change overnight without them changing a thing in the app. If this change is disclosed in any community statement / patchnote by RStudio, a link to that suffices as an answer as well :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance,

Solved: It was Google Chrome.
To anyone who found the same. It appears that changes have been made in the default aestetics of said input-elements for google chrome (I always used to run my app in an external browser and not in the R Studio window).

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