R shiny Error - Trying to create R shiny Dashboard with .csv dataset

Hello I am trying to create a Rshiny dashboard, I have done the following R script, but function error doesn't let the web page load and it crashes with the following error. Thank you I had to do R shiny for the first time for just a week as i took a wrong elective, this is the final assignment i need to complete to finish grad school, I've been trying different stuff to get it sorted but didnt reach anywhere for a week. If you have a little time on your hand and provide a little help for developing a quick dashboard with this dataset (nothing fancy just 2-3 page subitem for any type for analytical graphs, literally super basic), it would really really helpful.

Dataset:** Where it Pays to Attend College | Kaggle **

  library (shinydashboard)
  library (shinythemes)
  library (readr)
  library (ggplot2)


degrees <- read.csv("C: /degrees-that-pay-back.csv", header =  TRUE)
college <- read.csv("C:  /salaries-by-college-type.csv", header =  TRUE)
salaries <- read.csv("C:/ /salaries-by-region.csv", header =  TRUE)


ui <- fluidPage(
  setBackgroundColor(color = c("#66e0ff", "#00a3cc", "#003d4d")),
  titlePanel("Where does it pay to attend college?"),
    sidebarPanel(tags$style(".well {background-color:#e6f9ff;}"),
                 sliderInput(inputId = "range",
                             label = "Chose the year range:",
                             min = 30000, max = 1000000, value = c(30000,100000)),
                 selectInput(inputId = "dis",
                             label = "Chose the School type",
                             choices = unique(college$School.Type)),
                 checkboxGroupInput(inputId = "con",
                                    label = "Region of the school ",
                                    choices = unique(salaries$Region),
                                    selected = unique(salaries$Region)[1])

server <- function(input, output){
  df_dat <- observeEvent({
    req(input$con, input$dis, input$range) 
    df_dat <- filter(degrees, between(degrees$Starting.Median.Salary, input$range[1], input$range[2]), college$School.Type == input$dis, salaries$Region %in% input$con)

  # create a graph 
  output$graph1 <- renderPlot({
    # plot filtered data
    ggplot(df_dat(), aes(x = degrees$Starting.Median.Salary, y = college$School.Name)) +
      geom_line(aes(colour = salaries$Region))+      

shinyApp(ui = ui, server = server)

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