R Shiny Application: Module Communication or Tab Re-Rendering Issue

Hi everyone!
I am currently developing an R Shiny application using the Rhino Framework. Each tab in the application corresponds to a different module, and each module is associated with a specific view script. The content of the pages is structured as follows:

In the first tab, I utilize Reactable to allow users to add individuals to their favorites, and the selected favorites are then written to the database. The second tab displays the favorited individuals using Reactable. I manage the interaction through both writing to and reading from the database. However, I encounter a challenge in this process. When the tab containing the favorite individuals is opened, the page renders, and the favorites are displayed. However, if I navigate back to the first tab, add a new individual to the favorites, and return to the tab containing the favorite individuals, the page does not show the newly added individual(s). This is because the application loads both tabs once during startup.

How can I address this issue? Should I establish communication between modules, or is there a way to re-render the tab?

Solved: Source that helped me while solving the issue:

If anyone needs it in the future.