R Shiny app Error in open.connection: HTTP Error 404

Hi, I've just updated my Shiny app to the server and it says (in the Shiny server dashboard) that the app has been successfully updated. However, when I try to open the app, the app shows

Disconnected from the server. Reload

I opened the Log app and found this log

2022-03-25T01:46:59.288735+00:00: Warning: Error in open.connection: HTTP error 404.
2022-03-25T01:46:59.288790+00:00: 66: open.connection
2022-03-25T01:46:59.288846+00:00: Error in open.connection(structure(3L, class = c("curl", "connection"), conn_id = <pointer: 0x2f8>), :
2022-03-25T01:46:59.288893+00:00: HTTP error 404.
2022-03-25T01:47:08.293422+00:00: Warning: Error in open.connection: HTTP error 404.
2022-03-25T01:47:08.293488+00:00: 66: open.connection
2022-03-25T01:47:08.293557+00:00: Error in open.connection(structure(4L, class = c("curl", "connection"), conn_id = <pointer: 0x30e>), :
2022-03-25T01:47:08.293608+00:00: HTTP error 404.

I suppose this is the problem with loading the data from an online database (I use GitHub). However, when I run the app correctly, it runs properly.. Does anyone know what am I missing?

#p.s.: Sorry I can't share the link to the database, but the sample code to the database I'm calling is:

data <- read_csv("https://raw.githubusercontent.com/data.csv")

However, since the app runs perfectly when I executed the code locally, I suppose the problem is not in my coding.