R Session on Cloud keep crashing

I have 611 MB of data with about 3.5M rows. I am trying to load the file using read.csv, and anytime I run the code, R shuts off and crashes. I have run it more than twenty times; the same issue keeps occurring. As a result, I have deleted some of my practice projects. I am using the free plan on Rstudio cloud.
Can someone help? The data I am working on is a case study. I have done some cleaning in SQL. I want to use R to clean further and viz. I am new to R and the community.

Most likely you are running out of RAM memory since the free plan has a 1GB limit.

Maybe you could try an on-disk approach like using disk.frame

Thanks. You are right about the GIgabyte limit. Since I'm new to R, the 'disk.frame' solution seems complex to me..lol. What I did was break down my data into bit.

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