R Session Error - Terminated

Hi, I am working on my Google Data Analytics Capstone Case Study and R studio terminates every time during rbind process. I have tried it many times but no luck. Any suggestions please?

Jan <- read.csv("202204-divvy-tripdata.csv")
Feb <- read.csv("202205-divvy-tripdata.csv")
Mar <- read.csv("202206-divvy-tripdata.csv")
tripdata <- rbind (Jan,Feb,Mar)

Error message - The previous R session was abnormally terminated due to an unexpected crash.

Memory issue? How big are the files and how much ram du you have?

We get this exact same question from time to time and the problem usually is that you are running out of RAM. I think part of the aim of the project is to challenge you to explore options for dealing with larger than memory data. Think about sampling data, using more memory efficient tools like data.table or using "on-disk" approaches like duckdb, arrow or RDBMS'.

probably a bug in RSstudio

Very unlike in this specific case

Ok. I will try with sampling data first. Thanks.

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