R Session Disconnected

Hey there,

Maybe we missunderstood something but we want to cooperate on a bunch on files in Rmarkdown in real time. For that we set a shared workspace and a project (https://rstudio.cloud/spaces/64529/project/1171532). I invited my fellows and we tried to work on some files together. Unfortunately we always had an error: "R Session Disconnected: This browser was disconncted from the r session because another browser connected (only one browser at a time may be connected to an RStudi session). You may reconnect using the button below."
We thought RStudio Cloud is a collaborative platform, so we wonder how this is possible, when only one browser is allowed?
Maybe we do not use the right tools/settings. Is it possible to get some advice?
We want to collaborate in real time on one project, using mainly Rmarkdown files?


At this time we do not support collaborative editing, as mentioned in the guide. However it is a feature we would like to add in the future.

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