R session crashes when access files/environment/history panel

Cannot use RStusio because it's not possible to access my scripts/files in my folder.
Anyone faces this problem? It's not possible because R session craches when I try to open or import files from "Files" tab on "Environment/History/Files" panel.

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I'm using the latest version of R Studio with R v.4.0.1
Any solution?

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I'm also facing this issue using Rstudio 1.3.1073 running R 4.0.2. Definitely seems to be related to the Files pane. As long as I stay away from that Rstudio runs fine, but trying to use the Files pane to navigate between folders or open files inevitably leads to "R Session Aborted" and having to restart.

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Same issue. Does anyone find a solution?

There's a topic similar to this, and there's no solution yet:

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