R session aborted with ggplot2 when already use preview version rstudio

Hi! I'm a Macox user (with M1 chip), every time I try to run ggplot2 function a message appears:

"R Session Aborted
R encountered a fatal error
The session was terminated"

my R version is 4.1 and the rstudio version is [RStudio 2021.09.0-preview+341 - macOS 10.14+ (64-bit)]
This does not occur with r-base plots.
I'd appreciate any kind of help!

Do you get an error running ggplot2 code in the R GUI instead of RStudio?

Which build of R 4.1 did you install, the one for Big Sur (arm64) or the one for High Sierra or higher (x86_64)? The first is only for M1 models, while the latter works on both M1 (with Rosetta 2) and Intel machines.

Have you tried R 4.1.1?

I may not be of much help, as my current iMac and MacBook Air are from 2020, pre-M1. Having lived through two other mac processor changes (Motorola 68k to PowerPC and then PowerPC to Intel), I decided to wait a year or two for an M2.

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