R session aborted : Insert Citation Fatar Error, Stargazer Issues, References not linking


I am having few issues while using R for which I would request an urgent solution as I have a deadline to submit my thesis chapter this Friday.

  1. While trying to knit rmd file to pdf, if in any of the code chunks has stargazer::stargazer function, the file is not knitting to pdf format. I have several tables with regression output via stargazer in Latex format but none of them are converting to pdf. I have tried to assign stargazer output with a new variable and then using kable to knit. However, it's not showing the table properly. I have also tried assigning the stargazer output to xtable format, that's not even providing the table format correctly.

  2. I am using natbib for citation_package. Citation's aren't linking and showing (???) and also not showing the references at the end. I have tried in different way from different blogs to resolve the issues but still no luck.

  3. Hence, I tried using adding-insert citation. That is not working and when typing the bibliography file to read path it's showing fatal error and terminating session. I am using bibtex file which is 3MB. I am not sure that could be the cause of it or not.

I will highly appreciate a quick solution.


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