R script issues

I have trouble with inputting r script into r studio. I am currently trying to work out the goodness of fit for my detection function. I am also trying to get my density estimates in a table.
I try to do a fit.test using ddf.gof and commands like kable but is doesn't show up, my lecturer has placed a tutorial online which works for him, but just doesn't work for me.

Please help


It would be really helpful to have some code input of what you have tried.
Could you please turn this into a self-contained reprex (short for reproducible example)? It will help us help you if we can be sure we're all working with/looking at the same stuff.


If you've never heard of a reprex before, you might want to start by reading the tidyverse.org help page. The reprex dos and don'ts are also useful.

What to do if you run into clipboard problems

If you run into problems with access to your clipboard, you can specify an outfile for the reprex, and then copy and paste the contents into the forum.

reprex::reprex(input = "fruits_stringdist.R", outfile = "fruits_stringdist.md")

For pointers specific to the community site, check out the reprex FAQ.

And see guidelines for asking question related to R.

I'm sorry you're running into trouble! In addition to what @cderv suggests, can you explain a little more what you mean when you say "it doesn't show up"? Are you...

  • Working in a script file, running individual lines? Or "sourcing" the whole script at once?
  • Working at the console, typing in commands?
  • Working in an R Markdown document, where you have chunks of code with little green arrow buttons in the upper right corner?

Where are you expecting results to show up, that don't show up? If you feel like you don't know the right jargon to explain, this is a case where a screenshot might be helpful!