r/RStudio - Rstudio unable to open Rproj - I need your guidance

Hello R Studio Community

I am 1 week old to R and Rstudio and am currently taking an online course on Coursera. I have just completed the linking of my Rstudio to Github and was on the next module when the crashes started to happen.

Next lesson was to link an Rproj that isn't yet under version control or linked to github. Was following instructions below :

Go to File, New Project,

New Directory, New Project and name your project.

Since we are trying to emulate a time where you have

a project not currently under version control,

do not click Create a git repository, click Create Project.

So this was suppose to create a new session (to emulate that I had a Rproj that isn't linked and to LEARN to link it to github.

The error is such that it opens multiple blank screens that will later give the option to reload or terminate. Screenshot provided. Please advice my fellow wise R Studio men and women.

I run windows 10 as you can see. I have already done a clean install to both R and Rstudio. So if I am missing some steps pls let me know. I really enjoy learning about R and Rstudio and am unable to complete my coursera.

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