R/RStudio on new computer is running far more slowly on new work computer

I got a new work computer that on paper has more and faster RAM but when I installed R and RStudio for the first time a lot of R files that had taken less than a minute to run are now taking many times longer.

-Tried reinstalling R Studio
-Tried reinstalling R
-Tried renaming RStudio folder using Start -> Run -> %appdata%\RStudio
Compared builds with a colleague that has it running just as fast (both similar, I'm using a more recent R version),
-Tried R Version 4.2.0 (version had on other computer) but it still went much more slowly
-tried gctorture(FALSE)
-Saw we both have the same antivirus software
-Tried unchecking the box "show diagnostics for R" in global options

What are some steps I can take to get back to speed?

Update: Ran file in RGui and Terminal and still same slow speed so it doesn't look like RStudio problem

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