R Project Not loading

I am unable to load my R Project. It is stuck on the loading screen. Here is the URL


Would appreciate any assistance. Worst case, if I can recover my R code files, that would be greatly greatly appreciated. Looking for any help please! My past 4 months of work is in that project..



Welcome to the RStudio community!
Your project is not accessible for us through that link at the moment. Make sure you give the right permissions by clicking on the options icon top right and setting access to 'everyone'.


Please try now. This is the sharing Link I was given. I have also made the project visible to everyone.


thank you!


It took my browser a minute, but I'm able to load your project and access all of the files. So you can't even load the platform?

This is what I see:


I was able to create another account and then access my old project from there. For some reason, I cannot access my project when I am logged in as myself. Thanks for your assistance.


I'm glad you have your files back, but it's weird that you couldn't access it from your own account. If you don't get it fixed, let me known and we can ask the experts to help you out.


From the description it sounds like it could be a problem with the projects meta data. The meta data is stored scoped to your user - so other people who access the project may no encounter the issue. We did add a button that kicks the project and will resolve many meta data related problems.

So I would try that if you're still having issues.


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Hi PJ,
thanks for your assistance. I just see the loading icon and nothing else..its been that way for about 10 minutes. Would it be possible for you to email me the .R files in the project?
or just attach them to this thread?
thanks so much!

thank you. Would it be possible to email me the .R files? () or attach them on this thread? It is not opening for me and is just stuck on the loading project page.

thanks so much!


Please follow @seans instructions to see if it works. He's actually a professional so he can help you much better than I can :slight_smile:


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