R Project Names should NOT be folder names

I find multiple individuals over the past 3-5 years asking the same general question: why does RStudio only allow Project names to be identical to a folder name?
This limitation is so short-sighted.
Isnt it time RStudio developers allowed more flexible and topic relevant descriptive R Project names?

its allowed, you just arent guided to it by the new project wizard.
you can use the wizard to make New Project > via either New Directory or Existing Directory which leads you to choosing a name that is then both the folder name and the initial R project name. emphasis on initial.
--- you can then close the project and use your file system to rename either the folder, or the project file (.rproj) or both ; they can indeed differ.

If you feel strongly about the wizard though, For feature requests the ideal venue is Issues ยท rstudio/rstudio (github.com)

My approach is simply to append "Proj_" to a project folder.


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