R Project Broken?

I've noticed that every time I open a file that I have used in my last session the file remains open despite having closed it in my last. This file in particular I closed and never saved so I'm confused why it keeps reappearing in my project. Is my project corrupted?

Introduction to R (idigbio.github.io)
You may want your RStudio settings (Tools > Global options) so that the following three settings are unchecked:

  • “Restore most recently opened project at startup”
  • “Restore previously open source document at startup” (less important) <--- this is what you are seeing
  • “Restore .RData into workspace at startup”

thanks, I'll try that

This look like you each time of open Rstudio make a new file.

If you want work in only a script, save a open.

Dont worry about that, I have the same problems in my first time with Rstudio.

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