R programming reads everything as function after "creating a function" command has been performed


I am facing the issue with reading data frame. After I created a function in Rstudio
R stopped recognising other commands such as create a new data frame and keeps reading it as a function.

If you have already faced this issue, could you, please, help me to resolve it? I am modestly new to R studio and Google search is not a big help right now.

I will highly appreciate it

Thank you.

From your console output, it looks like you have an unmatched pair of something (parens, braces, etc.) or an incomplete statement (like a +) above the code you've shown. The + at the end of the console output means R is expecting you to add something to complete a statement.

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:thinking: I followed the video and compared my code with an instructor's code and they look the same. I will check it one more time, though. Maybe, I missed something
But I resolved the issue by closing R studio and opening it again. :grinning:

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