R Programmer Needed!

Hi! I'm new to the RStudio Community.

I posted to the Meta board, suggesting a "freelancer" category or somesuch, and someone suggested I post here. Sorry if I'm breaching some sort of etiquette.

What I'm looking for

I’m an amateur R programmer. I just built a commercial app by slogging my way through StackOverflow & this site, teaching myself what I needed to know to get a working prototype.

Now I have that working prototype, and I need a good R programmer (with a few specific requirements that should be No Big Deal) to take my code over and do some things to it.

I have a small budget to get some things done. Of course I can provide meaningful detail, but it's all in R/RStudio Connect, Shiny, and some SQL sprinkled in (that's where I store the data my application operates on).

If the product takes off (and there's a decent chance of that), there will be loads more work to do.

Is anyone interested, or able to point me in the direction of someone who is?


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Hi @steves! Welcome to the board :smile:

I'd love to put my hand up, but I'm a little booked out on work in 2018 (and I haven't picked SQL up yet). But I hope you find someone here! :+1:

Thanks @rensa. I hope so , too! I can't really think of a better place to ask.

Booked out for 2018 already?! Congrats!

Well... tentatively :laughing:

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Potentially this site might help? https://www.r-users.com/


Thanks @DaveRGP. That will be a great resource for the next stage; this project is a little too "quick & dirty". But in about 6 weeks, if all goes well, I think I'll need that one.

Hi @steves,

I work for a company that does some shiny development for external clients so I could be able to help here.

I'm fairly experienced with shiny but currently don't have any experience connecting to a SQL database (although it doesn't look too complex).

Feel free to fire an email over to paul [at] cultureofinsight [dot] com with some more details and we'll see if we can help out.