R pkg "Gutenberg" error on download call...

Hi folks...Struggling hard with some simple code that I'm sure I've got right in here...but can't get past this message.
Can somebody tell me what i'm doing wrong here?
Looking to get all the books from this one author to text mine/tokenize....just errors, constantly. All packages needed are installed and loaded.

I have only tried plying around with gutenbergr one or twice about a year ago but I tried similar code to yours just now and am getting similar error messages. I do not semm to be able to download the text.

I wonder if Guttenburg Press has changed something? You might want to send a note to the author asking if he knows of any problems.

Sorry to be of so little help.


@ jrkrideau, Hi. I did try to reach out to the author, who is also the co author of the "Text Mining with R" book (cite: https://www.tidytextmining.com/). I did not hear back from him. However, I saw his co author solve a similar problem elsewhere....can't recall now, but I'll edit in the link here when I can, but anyhow, you just have to set it to find your closest mirror hub, like so:

my_mirror <- "http://mirrors.xmission.com/gutenberg/"
thoreau_text <- gutenberg_works(author == "Thoreau, Henry David") %>%
  gutenberg_download(meta_fields = "title", mirror = my_mirror)

Her name is Julia Silge, and she literally wrote the book on tidy design principle based text mining. This was driving me nuts...

Thank you. Nice to see a solution .

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