R package for access Instagram data?


Does anyone have any recommendations for packages that allow you to access/scrape Instagram data? The only ones I've been able to find through Googline are instaR and Rinstapkg, but both of them appear to be out of date.

I know its gotten significantly more restrictive to do this, but there are plenty of Python packages that work, so I assume there has to be an R package that does as well.

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I'm pretty sure those packages were designed to help you access instagram's API, however I don't see any R packages designed to access the Instagram Basic Display API that have been updated recently. I think they simply haven't kept up with fb's updates.

One nice resource I've found is a tutorial designed to help R users access these kinds of APIs without the need for a helper package. Check out APIs for Social Scientists. Written a year ago, it has a step by step guide for accessing the Instagram Basic Display API.

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