R package “feather” give me error “Error in check_dots_empty(action = signal) : unused argument (action = signal)”

I start getting a very strange error from the "feather" package in R:

Let say I write and read file

write_feather(mtcars, 'm')

The last one gives me

Error in check_dots_empty(action = signal) : 
  unused argument (action = signal)

I reinstalled the package, restarted sessions, and still have no idea how to fix it. R version 3.6.1 (2019-07-05). Package "feather" => ‘0.3.5’

Maybe some caches for R or R Studio?

Please, help me

Here is a solution I found at the end:

devtools::install_github("tidyverse/tibble", force = TRUE)

The problem lies in updated code for 'read_feather' function. It now using 'as_tibble' function. By updating 'tibble' package this starts working fine.

Here is the code of 'read_feather' in new version:

tibble: 3.1.0 - feather: 0.3.5 - read_feather

function (path, columns = NULL) 
    data <- feather(path)
    on.exit(close(data), add = TRUE)
    if (is.null(columns)) 
    else as_tibble(data[columns])

Here is the code of 'read_feather' in previous version:

tibble: 3.0.1 - feather: 0.3.5 - read_feather

function (file, col_select = NULL, as_data_frame = TRUE, ...) 
    reader <- FeatherTableReader$create(file, ...)
    all_columns <- ipc___feather___TableReader__column_names(reader)
    col_select <- enquo(col_select)
    columns <- if (!quo_is_null(col_select)) {
        vars_select(all_columns, !!col_select)
    out <- reader$Read(columns)
    if (isTRUE(as_data_frame)) {
        out <- as.data.frame(out)

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