R Package Download Tracker - Table Contest Submission

R Package Download Tracker

Authors: Yin-Ting Chou
Affiliations: ChannelAdvisor

Abstract: R Package Download Tacker is a web app that can not only show you what are the current trending and top downloaded packages in CRAN but also help you track your favorite packages' daily downloads. This app will check the data resources every 30 minutes and update the dashboard immediately when there is new data coming in. So all the data you are seeing in this dashboard will be most updated.

Full Description:

Table Type: interactive-Shiny
Submission Type: Other
Repo: GitHub - choux130/RPackageDownloadTracker: My work for 2020 RStudio Table Contest
RStudio Cloud:
DT package used:
gt package used:
reactable package used: true
flextable package used:
huxtable package used:
kableExtra package used:
Other packages: timelyportfolio/dataui, data.table

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