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First of all I'm new to the R community and have been hearing a lot about how helpful the community is. I did my best to google my question and search this forum prior to posting to avoid redundancy, so if it's there already I must have missed it and I'm sorry for that.
I'm currently writing a package, in which I use a code given to me by a person who doesn't want to be cited as an author or (ctb) in the authors field and only requires being acknowledged for his contribution.
My question is can I add an acknowledgement field in the description file thanking this person without risking violating CRAN polices? Thanks in advance.

I think you can give aknowledgment also in other file like the README. Example in the vroom package.

You can also attribute code in the comment of your function.
Also, there is an author field you can use roxygen comment to have a specific function attributes to someone.

hope it helps


Thanks for your reply. Yes of course it does, but can l do so in the description file instead of readme? As it usually has a better chance of being viewed. Thanks again. So what kind of specific function I might add for this purpose?

in the Description, the field for acknowledgement and attribution is the Authors field. Authors can have many role (look at ?person), and there may be one that suits you.you may add some comments also for an author

I understood Author field was not an option. that is why I try to suggest other ways.

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Thank you that will do I'm very grateful :slight_smile:

I find @cderv's suggestions excellent! :ok_hand:

You could also add some lines in the package level documentation file (that'd be created via e.g. usethis::use_package_doc()). Part of that file is automatically filled from DESCRIPTION info but you can also add lines that'd refer to this person's contribution. It's viewed when the user types ?packagename.


That seems very good will give it a try thank you :blush:

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