R object name beginning with dot.

Hi All,
Is this a way to display in RStudio Global Environment pane an object name starting with dot ?
For example:

aaa = list(n = seq(3,31,2), i = 1:30)

.aaa = list(n = seq(3,31,2), i = 1:30)


The latter is not visible.

Names starting with . are hidden and I don't think there is a way to display them in the environment pane. If you need to find out all objects in your environment, you can use ls(all.names = TRUE).

Thank you, I knew about:

but was wondering if somehow I could have it in Global Environment Pane.
By the way what is a purpose to have hidden objects ?

It's a common UNIX way of hiding certain files for whatever reason. Usually all sorts of configuration files are starting with a . and this way they don't show up when you run ls. Or at least that's how I understand it, not sure if there is a particular reason for that though.

Thank you @mishabalyasin for your explanation.
I agree that hidden conf. files are important and not made for messing up with them, but hidden
list or dataframe sounds a bit strange to me.

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