R - Oaxaca Blinder - Panel Data

Hi everyone;

Im working with a panel data to analyze wage gap between private and public sector;

Im trying to run a Oaxaca Blinder for Panel Data (FE);

So i Tried oaxaca(sal~study level|public,data = pnad,reg.fun = plm), but its not working;

Does someone know another way to run a Oaxaca Blinder for Panel?

I know this is not what are you looking for, but there is a solution in Stata and this can give you an idea on how to procede ...
xtoaxaca - Extending the Kitagawa-Oaxaca-Blinder
Decomposition Approach to Panel Data
net install http://xtoaxaca.uni-goettingen.de/xtoaxaca.pkg, replace

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Actually, its a way to solve my problem, i will take fixed effects with R and only for oaxaca blinder i will take stata. Otherwise, i will need to recreate many matrix in my code, i think it will take too long.

Can you say more about what you mean by "it's not working"? What error message are you getting? If you can provide a reproducible example, it will make it easier for us to help you resolve the problem.

I think that the main issue here is that there is no-estimator (as far as I know) in R (cough, cough... opportunity area) for an Oaxaca-Blinder estimation in a Panel Data setting

Probably you have poor variable names. study level shout be quoted in back ticks if R is to interpret it in a formula. Janitor package clean_names() function would be useful to run on your data before writing formulas as then you could dispense with backticks.


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